A Fine Frenzy - It's Alive

"I am honored to be involved with the Half the Sky Movement and to be able to help raise awareness for this difficult issue that desperately needs attention. Women and girls all around the world are faced with horrors that not even my worst nightmares could touch. Women and girls just like me, my friends, my mother, my cousins- daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers. As a woman, but also as simply a human being, I believe that all women have the right to go about their lives in safety, with dignity, and to be treated with equality and respect.

Half the Sky Movement sheds light on the stories of women who have not been given these basic human rights, giving them a voice in a world that wouldn't listen before. I've donated the song "It's Alive" to this cause because it is a song of hope after ruin, a discovery of a spark inside which cannot be extinguished. I dedicate it to the brave women who have seen and experienced things too terrible to imagine, who continue to live their lives with eyes lifted towards the new day, with a prayer in their hearts that the world will be kinder to their daughters. I hope we can help make this prayer a reality."

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