Frally - Peace

"I wanted to be a part of this project because I'm a woman who believes in women standing together. We are one woman, just as we are many. We can bear so much because we are built to hold the universe. What I have found in my life is the undeniable power that is attainable when women support one another. This radiant and unbreakable strength may threaten those who would seek to dominate women and in some parts of the world there are unspeakable acts and crimes being committed against women and even in our world, where we believe we are free of them, women are being exploited in ways they do not even understand.

There will never be peace where women are not respected and revered and that's why I have chosen this song for the project. It's called 'Peace' and in a sense it's about the place of acceptance within oneself even as all of the turbulence of what it takes to rebuild is still very palpable. This is a place that can never be shaken or abused or crushed although it may have taken all of those ingredients to fuel the alchemy. Peace can take you over, even if for a brief moment while you catch your breath."

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