Kimya Dawson - Moving on

"When I heard about the Half the Sky Movement  the subject matter hit very close to home. I wrote the song 'Moving On' for my beautiful grandmother, Levicia Jetter. She was a black woman who was born into violence, poverty, and neglect. She always dreamed of being a dancer and would dance in the street to raise money to feed herself as a child. She wanted to star in the Nutcracker but was always told that her dream was impossible because of her race. She ended up marrying a violent and abusive alcoholic. She had 5 children of her own and raised one of her grandchildren too.

Despite being held back, victimized, and haunted by her past for her entire life she had this inner light, strength and humor, that always inspired me. I loved her very much and when she died I wanted to honor her by creating a fairy tale in which she would be finally be set free to do what she had always wanted to do but never could."

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