Mountain Man - Mouthwings

"The power of Half the Sky Movement lies in its dedication to giving abused, enslaved, traumatized women and girls a place to share their stories, illuminating in the raw realness of video the ways in which our half of humankind are persecuted on the basis of birth into one of two human forms.

Our song, "Mouthwings," was written as an exploration of the physical experience of giving birth, something we, as young, middle-class American women, have the right and means to do by choice and out of love. After seeing some of the stories present on Half the Sky's website, its lyrics suddenly opened to include the physical reality of the flip side of that coin: the experience of rape and sexual violence, the giving of birth to the children of those experiences, and the longing to live as a girl, woman, mother free from the fear of gender-based violence and exploitation."

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