Show everyone who inspires YOU!

Posted on March 07, 2014, by Half the Sky Movement

International Women's Day is this Saturday, March 8. We want to personally thank all those women who inspire us, and we want you to do it too! So to celebrate, we’re launching the #SheInspires campaign on Instagram.

We’ve already started posting pictures on our account of amazing women such as Urmi Basu and Edna Adan, but we want to see who inspires you. Post a photo (or pictures!) on Instagram, use the hashtag #SheInspires in the accompanying text, and explain why that woman is so remarkable. You can post a picture of your mom, your favorite singer, or your little sister, just make sure to use the #SheInspires hashtag!


We’re going to display these inspiring women on this #SheInspires page. Don’t have an Instagram account? Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+, use the #SheInspires hashtag, and tag us. We’ll be resharing some of our favorites.